The garden 'Outer Space' describes the division that people create between themselves and the wilderness. Why do we fence ourselves in and why are these boundaries so important to us? Are we defending ourselves from the outside world or are we protecting it from us?

This garden dissects the elements of our outdoor spaces and explores the layers of our civilisation within them. Aluminium paths, timber posts and stainless steel wires span over pools of water providing views which travel through and between the structures.

The cabling navigates us through the entire garden, mapping a safe trail which metaphorically protects the wilderness and ourselves from each other.

These boundaries draw a dividing line and act like a safety net between the incomprehensible universe and us.

'Outer Space' focuses on the absurdity of our defences because whilst we try to keep everything fixed and under control the world is continually shifting all around us in a limitless universe.
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